Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mother earth: 8 months ago i bugged you, what now my dears?

NGOfficers, students and other members of the academe gathered on November 18 and 19 at TARC Auditorium, UST, Manila to hear presentations of different resource speakers regarding Climate Change. more than 500 participants have attended the two-morning symposia, which is among the highlights of the week-long University Research Week.

lecturers (Ms. Menchie Flores-Obanil of Focus on the Global South; Mr. Larry Lohman of The Corner House; Ms. Flaviana D. Hilario Ph. D. of  PAGASA; and Lt. Gen. Ernesto G. Carolina AFP (Ret), Department of National Defense and Administration Undersecretary) shared information for the participants to learn, adopt and/or to be inspired.

that was about 8 months ago. the symposia aimed to provide information to faculty, research practitioners and students from higher education institutions on climate change and disaster preparedness and mitigation. sounds good, right?

have those 500+ participants learned something and shared it around at the least? have they adopted anything from the lectures? were they inspired? what's next? i could just imagine mother earth asking me: what now my dear? uh-oh ...

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