Thursday, July 29, 2010

la nana @ espana manila

i found a new resto-carenderia (eatery) in espana manila. just few walks away from UST (like 4 stores away from ministop espana-noval), the eatery is so small (compared to others) you won't even notice it unless you pass by it and be lured by the 'wifi' notice posted. yes, it's a wifi-zone, 2-floor eatery with a heart!

the manager told me (in a wonderful visayan dialect) that they wanted to offer a relatively cheap (38 pesos, about $0.85, for a value meal that includes iced tea) but delicious meal to students and employees/workers alike, at the same time give them the service that almost everyone would want to have (aside from an extra-clean dining area is a wireless internet connection whichever is more important to you) for free and without ever having to go to expensive coffeeshops and/or malls.

the place gave me a familiar feeling of home, with viands (veggies, seafood, fish & meat dishes, soup & noodles among others) that doesn't look and taste like commercial foodstuff (partly attributed to the cook's training in a chinese restaurant) and the color scheme of the walls oddly makes me  feel relaxed. and the name la nana sounds like lola (granny) and nanay (mother) so whenever i feel like i don't wanna cook (sometimes i feel sad cooking just for one), i feel like i'd just have to go to la nana 'coz it's like going my nanay's place to satisfy my tummy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for featuring out small resto. Nanette Magcanta

Anonymous said...

I saw la nana. My friends and I ate there and we used our lappys. Cool place. Swak sa budget!

Anonymous said...

Trixie: I live in Centro and we love La Nana. Yey!

sakura said...

hello ms nanette, i'm so glad you saw this page. i love your resto! yes. true ang sabi nila here, masarap na- swak pa sa budget!