Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my SALT in resortsworld manila

THE LOCATION: Resorts World Manila (a luxury casino resort) located in newport city, across NAIA3 in pasay city, ph. the resort have hotels, a casino, a shopping mall and cinemas too!

THE EVENT:  launching of cinema 2 (a conventional theater among 3 others, one of which included an 80-seater-almost-exclusive-butler-ready space) and special screening of angelina jolie's intense action film - SALT for media people, bloggers and resortworld's guests and representatives.

THE MOVIE: plot centers on a CIA officer (jolie) who is fingered as a russian sleeper spy. she tried eluding capture by superiors who are convinced she is out to assassinate the president. while trying to reunite with her spider-scientist-husband, she literally fought hard to prove someone else is the traitor. . . full-packed action with beautiful insertions of flashbacks and emotional struggle, this movie (as i have been telling everybody since october of last year) is a must-see!
OVERALL IMPRESSION: like the usual malls, specialty shops abound and cinemas are in the 4th floor but unlike the usual malls, the hotel staff (how do i call them - mall staff? customer service reps?) are well-dressed and so hospitable. what i loved most is the lounge at the 2nd floor that resembles that of a park, complete with fountain and bushes in a box (yeah right, it's a wooden plant box behind each wooden bench)...and oh, that beautiful clear canopy that made me wanna imagine how it is like enjoying my night coffee under the stars, not worrying a bit if it rains.
THE POSTSCRIPT:  i get the chance to meet bloggers wanderlust ( whom i owe the better pictures shown here), abet ( who made me feel welcome all the time), jeff ( whom i owe the unwet journey from venue to ayala) , jonel ( who's been very accomodating with my extra-kulit sms) and FPJ (one pleasantly silent and i have yet to bump on again). hence, despite the downpour after the screening, the night was still a blast! thanks mucho too to az (  for always sharing the invits to events such as this.

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