Friday, July 23, 2010

did you know CORITHA???

that's my intro-question for my friends upon knowing that coritha is still very much alive and that she will perform as part of the LEGENDS SERIES of conspiracy cafe (07/22/10. 10pm). answers varied from 'what's that?' to 'what is she famous for?" (all those other types in between). as for me, she's one those few beautiful pinay voices that have molded my 'musical being' when i was a very little girl. hearing her 'sierra madre' still gives me that ever-familiar feeling of sadness and longing for some place to call 'home'.

here are some of the 'internet-generation's little known facts' that might answer all (or some) of my friends' questions about coritha (thank you : did you know ---

1. that coritha is the Philippines' foremost singer-songwriter-performer, recording artist and pioneering OPM advocate? known as the PEOPLE'S SINGER, coritha's songs have stood the test of time and have touched, inspired and entertained audience in countless ways.

2. that as the world sang and partied to Al Gore's Live Earth 24-hour musical extravaganza (to combat global warming), several patriotic-earth-loving Pinoys made sure the Filipinos would not be left behind? led by her, the Filipinos' presence was felt via a music video entitled "One Earth".

3.that the song "Lolo Jose" was first submitted as an entry in a Metro Pop (that famous songwriting contest) but never made it? however, in 1982, it won two Cecil awards: 1) "Best Folk-Pop Song", 2) "Best Folk-Pop Vocal Performance."

4. that she wrote and sung her super-dooper-mega-over hit song "Sierra Madre" as her tribute to the Sierra Madre Mountains, the largest and longest mountain range in the Philippines?

5. that she was the first (musical) artist in the history of pop-pinoy music to experiment with Philippine native instruments in her music? rondalla instruments such as the Banduria, Octavina and Laud were used in the songs "Awit Kay Leandro," "Bilanggo" and one of her biggest hit songs "Oras Na".

6. that she was the first singer-performer and recording artist to work alongside blind musicians with their talents as banduria players for her live performances and recordings during the early part of her career?

7. that despite the low turn-out (of audience) of her show with the rock 70s band last night, she was ever dynamic and ever strong in her rendition of parokya ni edgar's harana, a playful mix of pinoy pop-rock bongga ka day, jeprox and beep-beep (rock 70s rocked the night with horse with no name, and smooth) and the soulful interpretation of her timeless songs- kaibigan, sierra madre, lolo jose and oras na. i was seated just few inches away from the pinay pop-rock legend and i never regretted a single moment of it.

PS. special thanks to dear friend roy llenos for footing the bill and being my as-usual 'fairy god-driver'. my!!! was i one lucky fan!

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Greg F. Aberin said...

I discovered that Coritha'S songs become more relevant to our society as the years go by. I liked the song Sierra Madre and only learned that she has more songs that could be practiced in heart by Filipinos. I used her songs to inspire our clients (during their rehabilitation sessions) to love life, reform, appreciate the natural and conserve the environment. I hope she keeps on writing and singing, her music is an inspiration, especially to people who need strength, and hope.

Anonymous said...

I get from the post that there were few who came. I should have known earlier. If not for this post I wouldn't even know she's still alive. Salute to coritha!

Anonymous said...

I totally can relate to what you wrote Mr. Aberin. I am far from home and Sierra Madre cuts deep.

The Big Thing Matters! said...

Big Fan too right here....

My heart would just rend into pieces knowing sadly how today's generation virtually destroyed the legacy of the pioneers. Listening to her songs is really quite nostalgic & therapeutic.... And for one thing, she's as beautiful as ever, inside out.... None of the singers nowadays could even match what she'd sown for the harvest of the future generations!!!

Hats off to Madame Coritha!!!