Saturday, July 17, 2010

a life in seven words

the following words and quotes are all from the book (of the same title) by carlos g. valles sj. i must have loved reading the book so much that i took time in noting these words in my diary --- my diary of more than a decade ago, which i surprisingly found in between piles of magazines i'm supposed to throw away last night...there must be reasons why i found it...and maybe this (sharing to you some) is one of them.

WORDS ... words are lovely seductress with their feminine charm and lexical elegance. they are irresitable temptress of subtle ways and hidden harmonious.

TRANSPARENCY... may it fill the air with its sound while it fills my soul  with its meaning. there is health and life and spirit and innocence in be clearly and plainly what i am. without disguise, masks or cosmetics. it seems so simple. and it is so hard.

CREDIBILITY... credibility does not mean that people should believe what i say, but that they must see i believe in what i say...not to convince...but to let them see i am convinced of what i say..

CREATIVITY... that is the salt of life and the breath of the spirit. the divine touch that brings light out of darkness and order out of chaos...creativity is the divine spark in the midst of human heart.

INTIMACY... what matters in life is friendship, and the human soul rests ultimately in love...the most delicate lesson in the one we are less taught.

WONDER... it is the virtue of the child. the innocence of life. the ability to see and learn, to be. the open face...the unspoilt memory...everything is new...everything is marvelous...everything is seen for the first time.

EARTH... i was an ecologist before i knew of nature, neighborliness with the environment, devotion to water and caresses to rocks, reverence to mountains and contemplation of the sea were all parts of myself ever since i have known myself. mother earth. salute to the sun. friendship with the stars...citizens of the universe.

YES!... it is music on your life, it is a burst of life, it is generous and joyful expression of all that you are and want us all to be with the courageous openness and that spontaneous originality that are your own life and your gift to us all. it is a swift syllable, a sharp note, a shooting spark. it is an act of faith.

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