Tuesday, July 20, 2010

trust me, phobias can be funny sometimes

as i was on my way to the bank, i kept feeling unpleasantly agitated. i wondered what was causing it...minutes later, as i was about to ask for full stop (yes! i rode the public utility jeepney along espana, manila), i realized the fact that i will cross the street using the footbridge. i remembered that 'that' scares me a lot...i busied myself fighting the feeling off and thinking about phobias [coz that one definitely is a-'phobia' and i think this is some kind of ACROPHOPIA (fear of heights, physical of course)]. i still am on the process of processing this common phobia and one way i know is to somehow convince myself that one day, this phobia would just be a personal laughing matter to me.

surfing the net, i looked for phobias that is somewhat-basted-with-humor and Joe Cassidy @ http://www.c4vct.com/kym/humor/10phobia.htm gave me his list (see below). oh well, read on,  for both information and humor purposes ...


10. Aichmophobia: The Fear of Pointed Objects
9. Anglophobia: The Fear of England and its Culture
8. Bogyphobia: The Fear of the Boogeyman
7. Electrogeniphobia: The Fear of urinating during an electrical storm.
6. Soceraphobia: The Fear of Parents-in-Law
5. Arachibutyrophobia: The Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth [ah yeah, that's sometimes sssss-scary]
4. Francophobia: The Fear of the French
3. Rhabdophobia: The Fear of being Beaten with a Stick
2. Politicophobia: The Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians [nyay]
1. Coulrophobia: The Fear of Clowns

10. Papaphobia: The Fear of the Pope
9. Xylophobia: The Fear of Wooden Objects [huh?]
8. Hellenologophobia: The Fear of Complex Scientific Terms and Greek Terminology [i so have this-amp!]
7. Porphyrophobia: The Fear of the color Purple
6. Gymnophobia: The Fear of Nudity
5. Ostraconophobia: The Fear of Shellfish
4. Stasiphobia: The Fear of Walking
3. Pantiphobia: The Fear of Everything [praning!]
2. Venustraphobia: The Fear of Beautiful Women
1. Eurotophobia: The Fear of Female Genitalia

my my my, what a funny list! but who knows, maybe one of you have one of these (?)... why don't we try work on our own list, i'd share you mine one day...but for now, i'd remember these - be it for word games or just for a laugh (or two).

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