Saturday, May 17, 2008

when i was about 8 months

when i was about 8 months, my father wrote a poem, i didn't know about this ---'til now when my sister explained the poem that i saw in her blog...the first time i read it i felt the creeps- it is as if i have read the poem somewhere.

i even wondered; was it my poem??? was it my ave's??? i tried to look for answers but didn't see after a couple of days i asked her, she said it was my father's. ha????? for many years i tried to look for even bits of his writings, couldn't find any. i only knew of one title RIGOR MORTIS which was just blurted out by my nanay...theirs is a confusing love affair - a beautiful chaos i would say.

didn't know him much...circumstances forced me not to love him much, but one part of me would somehow look for answers...i started writing since 1988 (was it 1988 when he was brutally killed??? yes) but as to where i got the talent, i am ambivalent---i have no evidences, i have no clues...until now...

here--- (thanks sis, for trying to preserve this treasure)


Here I am now.
A man with life uncertain and insecure.
Fighting all odds of political existence.
And I must learn to live with them.

In this world, there are those who are oppressed.
And there are those who are persecuted
because of their outlook -
towards our social structure...
towards the "SYSTEM"

But as to whether they can endure or resist
is a matter of how unrelenting their principles are -
or how strong their convictions are.
After the SHADOWS... What?

They will never stop shadowing - till they get me.
I'll be living soon in darkness.
Behind BARS perhaps.
Or inside a cold coffin.

But all threats - all intrigues could not cow us.
As long as we are still free to move - WE WILL MOVE.
As long as we still have life - WE WILL HOPE.
Yes, we still hope for a new day's dawn.
The dawn of our freedom.
FREE from dictatorial rule.
The dawn of justice.
FREE from all brutalities.

My fate?
I do not know what awaits me.
I only know I must be brave.


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