Tuesday, August 24, 2010

in no specific order

here are my favorite blog pages lately.
some may call this a list of top 10 emerging influential blogs.
i call them my prio-read, among many others. 

i smile when i read entries from this page. and what more,
i like her. a true-blue momma.

i just have gotten to know this page from reading imom-
worth knowing, worth noting.

this page reminds me of the young in me.
may it be there forever.

will you allow me to include this? hala!
'question answers' to questions needing answers.

i'm not a fashionista, but ugh
i'm a closet fan of kikaymuch

coz i'm afraid of kitties and almost anything that moves
(that's not human)- here i get my share
of loving them without having to touch or be near them

just open this page and you'd know why.

'coz most of the time (not all of the time) what's in my draft
is in her page already. she writes my thoughts better, never afraid.
so i don't write them anymore, i share hers.

the closest i can have to having updates about my adopted city...and
understanding others (just others, not the 'not like ours'-thing). fascinating.

i learn much when we talk... and when we can't (talk),
i learn from his website. (no ads! lavet!)

truth is, after geocities and friendster, i have semi-retired
from the online world and just had myself reinstated lately.
hence, i don't know much about most of these pages, as to
when did it start making noise (if it ever did) or if they ever
have been on any top10 list on the blogosphere. they're just
on my list 'coz they are my favorites lately. one or two of
them may become your favorites too.

i'm sending this to ms. toral's page
now na! send yours too!

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Pao said...

Congratulations and good luck to all your nominees! :-D