Thursday, August 19, 2010

missing the toxic sked

0530: wake up to a smell of morning coffee with lotsa milk
0630: bathed and ready for work while helping the boys get ready
0700: off to school- teach, read, research, chat, learn et.cet.
1200: lunchtime with the boys
1330: back to school - consult, teach, sort/pay bills and/or do other errands
1730: early dinner with the boys
1830: TV time, chat-time with hubby, assist wowa in his 'homework'
2100: sleep time (of the boys), house clean-up time
2200: prepare for tomorrow- clothes, shoes, food et.cet.
2230: check papers, prepare lessons while watching(listening to) movies
0200: sleeptime et.cet. :))

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