Friday, January 2, 2015

flashback 2010: i eat 5x a day

breakfast... breaking the fast...some hard-cooked egg (some call it hard-boiled)...this was when i still use the common-kitchen (september blues)...mixed nuts for morning snack, courtesy of dean manding...yummy, especially 'coz it's free! then teh lunch!!! one big red apple. a reminder.

frozen yogurt for dinner? why not... it's packed with nutrients and good bacteria! i don't know if it's just me, but after a small cup of  frozen yogurt, i felt full...kept the craving at bay 'til about midnight---
midnight snack - roasted corn dipped in apple cider vinegar. munch munch munch...don't ask me if this is any good. i say--- try!!!

[of course this is not a daily food sked (this is just an episode of my temporary life)... i eat rice with veggies, rice with alamang, rice with fish, rice with some chicken (not in one sitting) every now and water water water]

oh well, i eat. i pray. i love. i live...and...i just felt like sharing! (winks)


orman said...

hindi ko kaya yang ginagawa mo dear!!! mamatay ako nyan! hahahahaha!

sakura said...

teeheeheee... paminsan minsan lang naman. budgetarian eh, pero kelangan hindi junk food, mahirap na magkasakit lalo kapag nag-iisa :) sa sembreak, babanat ako ng kain!!! bwahahahaha