Sunday, January 18, 2015

AND I’ve also been to me…

 “I’ve been to paradise… AND I’ve also been to me…”

1. At most mornings, 
I brush teeth while on the shower. 
2. One of my greatest pleasures is 
gazing at the rain falling. 
3. Seeing books, notebooks pens 
and papers takes my breath away. 
4. Tries so hard not to be late 
because I usually am impatient 
waiting for other people. 
5. 3 to 4 hours of sleep is 
more than enough for me. 

6. I interpret dreams. 
7. I’m a film buff. 
8. I’m good at keeping memories but 
I also have a talent of auto-deleting  bad ones. 
9. I keep bills and notes in my wallet
sometimes they last for years. 
10. I go to a coffee shop to read but
I usually end up eavesdropping…

11. I like the taste of ice cream
even if it is rainy/raining. 
12. I don’t like eating. 
13. I love sunsets. 
14. I’m so transparent and vocal, 
at times, I wish I wasn’t. 
15. I like basketball and frozen yogurt equally. 

16. I believe that ‘walking’ is the best exorcism.. 
17. I teach, I love it but I don’t like being in a room 
full of people except when I teach. 
18. I can stay very quite for a long long time.
19. I don’t like reading books that are read 
by more than 10 people in the same period. 
20. Sometimes I ride public transpo 
(bus, jeepney, tricycle) just to joyride. 

21. Flowers are good but letters are better.
22. I believe in love but I also believe 
that it can be learned, or faked. 
23. When I meet disgusting people or 
have convos with them, 
I imagine punching them (in the face). 
24. I weep on deaths but I can always 
face that it’s a fact; as natural as life.
25. I can always pretend … 
if I want to and … when needed.  

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