Wednesday, January 15, 2014

47 rounin: 1st movie for 2014... our 1st.

yes dear, it delivered. any keanu reeves starrer does, i say :) 
47 rounin is certainly a movie to watch. filled with pretty visuals 
(sakura FTW), 
creative ones too! it draws some kind of mystery, 
even populated by creatures that grew from myths 
without any attempt to categorize them. 
it's like dependent on the intellect of the watcher :) 
the story focuses in on a more personal story, 
on the story of men who fought in order to set things right, 
the story of  men killing themselves 
for disobeying an order for the greater good, 
and thinks it is a great honor to do so. 
as much as i do not agree with the action, i respect it. 
reeves is not the star of this film 
but it would be really boring if it's portrayed by others :) 
i do not intend to put so much technical remarks here 
but i must write that it's serviceable 
by having the decency to try to tell a story and deliver just that.  
oh well, i just love it...

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