Thursday, October 30, 2008

ever-i miss u.

it's during times like this that i long for your hugs and kisses...i wish you were here- near like before, always there, always near.

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chandra said...

True. There are such moments. And I would like to share a Poetry written by me about such a moment...

Miss you...

When the morning sun
Spreads a sheen of warmth
And the Sunflowers
Tilt their heads in joy

When the water Lilies
See their tiny reflection
And move their petals
In anticipation

When the setting sun gives
A goodnight kiss to earth
And she blushes
In all her splendor

When a dewdrop falls
On the lotus leaf
And wiggles it’s body
To the salsa beat

It’s at such times
I miss you the most my dear
When all is happy and joyous
And wish you were here