Thursday, October 9, 2008

be true???

E.Croonenberg in his text about Man and Fellowmen presented that any factor which prevents the persons concerned from being their true selves also detracts from the real nature of love. Hmmmm...

The world as it was created has men, and man as created have other men to live with. One can not separate himself from others as much as he can not live on a vacuum. Man learns to live with others to know himself fully and somehow know the others as well.

Love in all its meaning comes as man lives with other men in this world. Encounters provide experiences for men to experience themselves as well. An individual answers the call to such experience to lead him to perfection as a person achieving self-realization. Encounters between individuals are normal and necessary; longing for presence beyond the usual encounter coupled with dedication and unusual warmth from the unauthentic foundation to authentic level of affection could only mean that love has sealed the encounter.

The real nature of love is selflessness – unselfishness to its highest and permanent level. One in love manifests a great deal of being true to ones self; a great deal of not holding back; a great deal of surrender to the other. Fidelity (to love) if it is to work has to go through and overcome hardships and obstacles which somehow have rooted up from the individual’s selfishness as well as the others.

One would seek answers to questions such as: Is love enough? Is love enough for me to let go? Do I hold on to love? Do I hold on to love despite the distance and physical absence of my beloved? Will love remain after a loved-one's death? How do I maintain true love? Will my being true to myself be an obstacle to the fidelity to love?

Experiences and encounters vary from time and persons, yet lessons have proven to be at least universal (for all). One has to learn to yearn silently and let love grow, to reveal his identity as he learns to appreciate another person’s identity, to slowly appreciate individuality yet accepting wholeness as relationship with the other progresses, to unselfishly learn to know when to hold on or to let go, and most of all, to accept that real love is stronger than any obstacles – even separation, even death.

My experiences and series of encounters with love come in all forms and intensity as I age. I have noticed that it has become simple coming from complicated to simple to complicated and so on. Love as a truth is indeed an obligation to truth to one’s self. Then, all else follow.

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