Tuesday, June 25, 2013

mosquito-reality bites

i don't know how and why but there are some mosquitoes that can bring in fatal illness such as dengue hemorrhagic fever. it takes 3 to 15 days incubation and the bitten person will feel all the symptoms the illness holds. we had our battle with such illness when such infected our beautiful young man (7-year old wowa) in 2009.

the sad thing about this is that dengue doesn't have any cure, what you have is the treatment of its symptoms which are usually high fever, coughing, stomach and muscle pains. since bleeding is existent, the possibility of a 'shock' is also high. this is where management and prompt caring action of the doctor is needed. bloodcount has to be monitored and so is the condition of the patient. since dehydration is a killer, fluids must be taken every now and then (intravenous when needed).

we were blessed to have a huge number of prayer warriors, heavens may have been noisy then with cries and prayers from our friends, relatives and colleagues. we were blessed too to have a son who was somewhat-too-mature-for-his-age  trying his best to take his oral dextrose, camote tops-soup, bananas, apple juice and medicine (for fever, for coughs and the zinc supplement) every now and then. he even read his laboratory results and tried 'hypnotizing' the world that he will soon be fine. with those, with his 24/7-kind doctor (god bless you doc sheena) and our 100%-almost-paranoid-looking-after---he was fine and he recovered. now he's 11 and we're still watchful. we always remind him to retouch on 'bugshield' when he's in school and drink lotsa water... we don't want to have that episode again...

one shouldn't be too complacent. everyone should try to boost his/her immunity and drink lots of water, for many reasons other than this. and yes, one should avoid (or limit) exposure to mosquitoes, use mosquito repellant as needed. use long pants (pajamas) or long sleeves if possible. and most of all, rest ---we can only do so much as human beings. nothing beats taking good care of our bodies, the temple of our souls.

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