Thursday, July 11, 2013

struggle to snuggle

have just arrived to my workplace. i love being here, especially the thought that there was once... i was away from here for years... from all that's giving me 'comfort from familiarity'... change was never my instant friend...but i learned to manage... and accept that jose mari chan was right- life, indeed, is a constant change :) these recent changes makes me sleep (how's that for a change?)... remembering one dawn in february (25th), 3 years ago...

i slept 2:33am. that's practically friday already. i has a long talk with my boy-man wowa before midnight. he's irked by the fact that he was trying his best to sleep (i told him to do so coz he is still recuperating from flu symptoms) but he failed. when he called he was crying in frustration. i told him to just let it out and stop afterwards.

you see, it's always fun to have long talks with him. topics would range from his feelings of longing and loneliness- to his newly-read jokes- to his school activities and his feelings about his papa. we also sometimes talk about the people in the bible, his techniques in trying to sleep, how to deal with young girls in school, climate change and future business prospects.

i asked him if he wants to hear the german version of 'hail mary' (they usually recite the prayer in school, yes, he is studying in a catholic school). he said yes. i tried singing it the slowest possible way so he'd feel really sleepy, it's almost midnight after all. he stopped me in the middle and said he'd rather hear me talk and that he misses me a lot i should go home. that made me feel sad. and so we have no way to go but to start discussing about my studies (again) and the trade-offs people sometimes do for growth. then the celphone battery signalled to be dying soon :) so we just said goodnight and wished each other luck in our "struggle to snuggle".

as i read my notes while watching late night show, i prayed that he is sound asleep by then. as always, i worry, but worrying won't do me any good i realized. the thought made me sleepy and i slept indeed. woke up 5:33am and have myself ready for my daily research routine. oh well, this is another friday (thanks goodness i woke up again).

oh, so much for remembering... thanks heavens, we seldom sleep apart from each other now :)

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