Sunday, July 7, 2013

my husband's mistress

LISA MARIE DEL ROSARIO, 25 years old, HRM graduate, working in Singapore for six years, went home [ ]. She has a long wavy hair, 5’5” in height, and a vital statistics of 34-25- 36. And so, their story goes. Lisa got [my husband's] number from a common friend. She had seen him twice and is willing to be his friend. Lisa is a liberated woman and has an Indian fiancé left in Singapore. She works in three hotels as a front desk supervisor. Living independently and temporarily staying with her Uncle’s family in [the city where we live], she’s afraid of commitment for having a sister in Dubai who is separated. The Hi’s and Hello’s started it all. Singapore and jobs in Singapore sustained their communication. Then as time passed, the commitment as text mates was established. From text mates to friends, they shared insights about family, their likes and dislikes, their weaknesses and experiences too...

Eventually, texting became less challenging and expensive so they both agreed to chat. Closeness became very evident. They became intimate friends endlessly sharing ‘anything’ under the sun. Too much familiarity is indeed boring. Cutting the story short, Lisa started it all. Fascinated with her, he also became interested. Loneliness yearns for comfort and for passion. And since they were both lonely (maybe), they found each other. They shared ‘everything’ (as in everything!) using the technology available; in bed, in the bathroom, and wherever their sinful imaginations could reach. Often, the last question both of them ask each other is: ‘HAPPY?’, with a big yes as an answer of course! Passionately, Lisa would always assure him that she would do everything to make him hers, exclusively hers alone. Because of that enduring happiness, the plan to meet personally was set aside.

One time, Lisa dared to call and listened to his moans and etc. Lisa couldn’t help it. The emotions were overwhelming (killing her!). It felt ecstatic yet burns like hell! It was fathomless. Uncovering the mouth piece, she asked softly: Happy? Finally, for the first time he heard her voice over the phone, a very familiar voice. He was suddenly offline. Lisa cried.

[ lisa?...] WAS ME!

[this is stolen with assumed permission
from my dear friend's blog .
i don't know why i'm posting 3/4 of the article here.
(if you wanna know what happened next,
you better see the entire thing in her blogpage).
perhaps it's because this part gave me the creeps.
oh what a wife would do...and oh what a husband can do...
oh what loneliness or lust or love can do... dear heavens!]

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