Wednesday, March 9, 2011


tell me not of your dreams and fantasies of how you could change the world for a lovesong; of how you could do better with schemes and sketches of the future for a lovepoem...tell me not of these dear for i have loved you even before i have heard your voice, even before i have known your name, even before i have loved your life...and i love you still.

worry not if sometimes you envision me shed tears not hearing your voice, not seeing your shadows, not feeling you breathe...for those tears are just tears of longing, ready to be blown away by the wind that carries your whisper of sweet love. worry not if you could only smile and think of me as i shower you with words and thoughts and love…for those are just puzzle pieces of the portrait of how i felt…of how i feel for you. true love.i will ask you not of things and expect not of any circumstance...for i (decided to) love - i loved buts...and i love you still.

one day when this world would make a part of me think of the other side...or a part of me realize that you are not the one, then (i would offer) no regrets. although this is the farthest of possibilities, if it may be so, so be it. it shall be. to THE ONE i would say: i have learned to do your will...i have followed the path you lead and when i learned, i learned deeply and when i followed, i followed completely...and yes, i have learned what you taught best- you have taught me to love. i learned, i followed...i loved. wholly.

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