Tuesday, February 4, 2014

the end's prime

there in a night solemn and cold
where black feathers flew off their nest
where heavens gems gave a glow
a figured shivered...quivered as it stood
while trace of melancholy appeared
in hazy shadows 'neath the moon
"why oh why" its spirit moaned
here the fate of the heart once agog
stood with all its throe
the soul hoping to find pathos
of the everlasting...of the unknown
the soul in its havoc flew
then thought the sunrise and sunset
were coeval...and... death...a prime.

and the night grew darker
its solemness fell deep
the thickest leaf closed in coldness
slowly the stars seemed to fall asleep
the sky casted a dim - very dim glow
tired crows seeking refuge among the branches
of the trees that swayed with the breeze
the figure shivered...quivered as it stood
yet its silhouette remain unfazed
the agony of its soul's there still
confused pathos...shattered and torn
the anguish of its heart stopped
'tho its thoughts then unfathomed
suddenly...slowly...a poet's heart...was born.

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